Peter & Agnes Dim

Our Story

It was in 1976, the first of the old Concord grapes were pulled out, the soil was prepped and 2.5 acres of imported Riesling and Chardonnay vines were hand planted.

At 4 years old, my job was to hold the new young vine steady in the freshly dug hole my dad had just shoveled moments before. While my mom would carefully cover the vine with dirt. Each hole was hand dug and covered in a 4 ft by 9 ft pattern.

After helping plant a number of vines, I had enough. My 4 year old self decided I would make a run for it, when my mom turned around to grab another shovel full of dirt. I saw my chance and I ran for it.

Thats my earliest memory of what was to become my life long experince of grape growing in Jordan Ontario.

Peter Dim

Dim Vineyard

Only a hand full of growers were planting vitis vinifera vines in Ontario in the 1970’s. My father knew, the climate here in Niagara was similar to that of the old country and they will be able to thrive and produce great wines.

The first wine made from our farm was this 1980 Gamay Nouveau from vines first planted in 1975. The wine was made from only three Niagara growers; John Neufeld, Joeseph Triolo and Ivan Dim. Gamay Beaujolais was well suited to Niagara’s cool climate, and was vinified by winemaker Herman Gras in the “Nouveau” style of wine that is traditionally released as an early celebration of the annual vintage and was originally consumed by grape growers and winemakers themselves as they celebrated a good harvest.

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The Dim Family have partnered with winemaker Andrzej Lipinski to vinify the grapes we’ve been growing since 1973.


We are currently working on developing our Wine Club. Please check back soon for details.


Located in beautiful Jordan, Ontario at 2703 King Street. Have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email or call.